Aadiya Vidya Vihar  School, Khargone
-Step Towards Excellence-
“Motivating Students to Nature Self Confidence to Attain Success”
Dear Parents, Guardians and Members of Aditya Vidya Vihar  School Community.
In this maiden year as a Director. I am fortunate to work with many dedicated innovative and caring staff members, parents and students. Each day is felt with new experience, learning from all and the ability to make someone’s day better. Many days it is the students who make my day brighter.
I look forward to develop and renew relationship with students, parents, staff and community. We will continue our work on improving our students’ performance data and ensuring inclusive excellence, while helping our students understand the importance of perseverance through a growth mind set.

About Us

Chairman Mr. Anil Raghuvanshi

We Stand on the threshold of a new beginning, having covered a 21 year in the endeavor to create independent thinking, creative and sensitive individuals, who in times to come will serve as torch bearers to ignite more minds and create a world, painted with love, care, glory and pride. Every child is unique, every child is important.

Therefore, every child is dealt individually and differently as per his abilities and potentials. Here, we are committed to provide a progressive education system that enhances holistic education of a child

Princial Mr. Aman Sachan

“Teach my son what he will have to learn that all men are not just and true.”

Being with a child is an opportunity for us to know the simple ways of life, to be able to be joyful without reason, to be able to love without distinction to be able laugh and romp without any purpose, Above all, it is an opportunity for us to see the child intensely. inquisitive about life, to be able to focus our attention without conscious discrimination, and to look upon every piece of life with interest, love and absolute attention. Our social structures have created extremely complicated survival processes.