Aadiya Vidya Vihar  School, Khargone
-Step Towards Excellence-
“Motivating Students to Nature Self Confidence to Attain Success”
Dear Parents, Guardians and Members of Aditya Vidya Vihar  School Community.
In this maiden year as a Director. I am fortunate to work with many dedicated innovative and caring staff members, parents and students. Each day is felt with new experience, learning from all and the ability to make someone’s day better. Many days it is the students who make my day brighter.
I look forward to develop and renew relationship with students, parents, staff and community. We will continue our work on improving our students’ performance data and ensuring inclusive excellence, while helping our students understand the importance of perseverance through a growth mind set.
We are committed to prepare and ensure that students are ready for the many challenges of the post schooling world. Our motto this year “Be Bold, Be Brave, Believe trust you can make a difference through fearless conversations in the pursuit of excellence for all.”
Education is a joint venture between school and home. As we work with our students to help them learn about the world around them through the prescribed curriculum, we very much appreciate the support that parents give their children at home as they strive to reach their learning goals, the foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff, parents and community.
Parents are a vital part of our Aditya Vidya Vihar  School Community. Your contributions are invaluable to the school through volunteers time and support of school activities. I encourage my students to learn and practice on a number of technological tools and relevant practicals. I also invite the parents to use communication devices to know the latest learning, skills of the students as well our web site, Android Apps to stay informed on all things happening at AVVIS.
Looking forward to work with you to develop a bond which would help in the holistic growth of our children.