Aman Sachan

“Teach my son what he will have to learn that all men are not just and true.”

Being with a child is an opportunity for us to know the simple ways of life, to be able to be joyful without reason, to be able to love without distinction to be able laugh and romp without any purpose, Above all, it is an opportunity for us to see the child intensely. inquisitive about life, to be able to focus our attention without conscious discrimination, and to look upon every piece of life with interest, love and absolute attention. Our social structures have created extremely complicated survival processes.

A child’s ability to look at life with utter Freshness and involvement is slowly disappearing. It is the duty and responsibility of our education system to bring that back Education can never be a profession – it must be passion. In the process of education, it is very important to see that the child does not loose his joyfulness, his spontaneity or his ability to be truthful without any fear of consequence.