1. Parental co-operatin with the school is very essential. The school, therefore invites the parent’s / guardians to extend their whole-hearte co-operation by way of visiting the school periodically and keeping close touch with the teachers and school authorities.
  2. Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to enforce punctuality and discipline to see that their children prepare their home lessons regularly and devote at least two to three hours to study at home.
  3. Parents, guardians or any visitors are not allowed to see the students or interview their teacher’s during the school hours without the permission of the Principal. They should come during the recess or more preferably, after the school. They are strictly prohibited to go to the class rooms, or the staff room during the school hours.
  4. Parents are requested to make any complaint directly to the school authorities, Not to the teachers.
  5. Parents should take initiative and motivate the child to participate in all competitions and activities conducted in school.
  6. It is recommended to the parents to see the student Handbook daily for home work and any teacher’s remark/information to parents.
  7. Parents are requested to read and acknowledge the reports and message about the students sent by the teachers, Principal. Failure to do so may put the children into various inconveniences.
  8. As the medium of instruction in this school is English, It is recommended that children should be helped to follow their classes and studies easily by creating an atmosphere of regular English conversation at home.
  9. Absence of your child from class attending social functions, outings, Marriages, etc. Should be discouraged because it re-tards the child’s progress and minimises his/her respect for regular hard work.
  10. In case of any complaint, the parents are requested to notify the same to the Principal and not to any of the teachers.
  11. Private tuition are discouraged. The staff of this school cannot accept tuition without the prior permission of the Principal.
  12. Any pupil suffering from any contagious disease should not be sent to the school.
  13. Students should come 5 minutes before the assembly.
  14. Late comers are not entertained.
  15. The school authorities strongly recommend that the parents do not arrange for medical appointment of their wards during school hours.
  16. Criticism Of The Teacher Should Be Avoided In The Presence of The Child Because It Undermines His/her Respect For The Teacher All Your Complaints Should Be Made To The Principal.
  17. If Parents misbehaved in the school premises then according to law of Institute Act No.- 014K (Act 2009) part -3, strict action can be taken against them.